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PREVIOUS: All illegal drugs should be legal.

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A wonderful display of civil discourse to start the new year!  Both teams offered fascinating frameworks and compelling arguments.

Iain Coston and Trivette Knowles, arguing in support of the motion, narrowly won this debate by one vote!  Points of contention included more preventative and subsidized treatment for drug users, freedom of choice, and comprehensive regulation to ensure people's drug use doesn't affect others.

Ariela Silberstein and our guest of honor, Dr. Kevin Sabet, made a formidable opposition.  Dr. Sabet's decades of expertise offered a challenging perspective on the dangers of commercialized drug use, stating that lobbyists and other special interests groups will capitalize off the country's most addicted citizens.  They referred to the damaging effects of alcohol and tobacco - two legal drugs that mastered the art of promotion to susceptible addicts, specifically in low-income communities.