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PREVIOUS: Universal basic income is the most important solution to rising joblessness in America.

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The unemployment rate has declined since its post-recession high, but a significant portion of that drop is due to people who left the labor force, gone on disability, or given up looking for a job altogether.  Sixteen out of every 100 able-bodied individuals between ages 25 and 54 do not have a job, and that number is only getting worse.

Universal basic income, a controversial policy granting citizens consistent, unconditional payments to cover basic shelter and survival, is a proposed solution to rising joblessness and wealth inequality in the United States.  But will this "hand out" positively impact society and alleviate the nation's poverty crisis?  Or will it only incentivize the struggling middle and lower class to spend frivolously, thereby giving more wealth to the top 1%?  Is there a better solution?  Learn more on November 30th!