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PREVIOUS: Artificial intelligence poses a serious threat to the future of human existence.

  • WeWork Grand Central 450 Lexington Avenue New York, NY, 10017 United States (map)

Brian Hanley and Joel De La Cruz won this month’s debate, referencing AI’s increasing threat to job automation, its exacerbation of wealth inequality, and the international arms race competition for lethal, autonomous weaponry.  They stressed the importance of close regulation and oversight as a necessary precaution toward prevention of new technology learning traits that put humans in danger.

Iain Coston and Alex Grass argued against AI’s threat to humanity, citing technology’s ability to level the playing field – giving the marginalized access to information and promoting equality among citizens.  A result of this surge in education and the automation of entry-level jobs is growth in non-essential jobs that promote new ideas and innovation.  They believed the complexity of the human mind is not capable of being replicated anytime soon, and that any “Terminator 2” vision is hyperbole.