March 14th - LoM Debate Practice Seminar


March 14th - LoM Debate Practice Seminar


Suggested contribution for this event is $15, cash only please.

Wednesday, March 14th


WeWork 300 Park, 12th Floor, Conference Room 12G

Here’s how it works:

The first 12 to sign up will be teamed up in groups of six. Both groups receive the same motion (e.g. Money can buy happiness), and are given an adequate period of time to develop arguments for and against the topic. A veteran instructor of debate will always be present to guide, assist, and critique throughout the entire process. Each person will have an opportunity to practice and deliver a 3-minute argument, with time at the end for rebuttals and overall assessment.

Why should you learn the art of debate? Debate offers three invaluable skills for success: Critical analysis, Communication, and Confidence. Someone who can think deeply and independently about a problem and come up with a solution, then communicate that solution persuasively to others, while being perceived as confident and sure-footed, is a formidable opponent in any situation.

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