Feb 6th: Debate Fundamentals + Practice


Feb 6th: Debate Fundamentals + Practice


WeWork 300 Park (Park Ave btwn 49th and 50th)

Conference Room 12G, 12th Floor

Tuesday, February 6th


This MasterClass will introduce techniques and strategies used in competitive debate, and apply them to everyday life.  Learn how to create, facilitate, and lead a compelling motion.  Build dynamic arguments, and deliver them effectively.  Class will include practice debates arguing with and against fellow participants, guided by one of our renowned instructors.

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About the instructor...

Dr. Stephen M. Llano is the Associate Professor and Director of Debate at St. John's University in Queens. He holds a B.A. in history from Texas A&M University, an M.A. in Speech Communication from Syracuse University, and a Ph.D. in rhetoric and communication from the University of Pittsburgh. His research focuses on developing rhetorical theory, the ethics of rhetorical pedagogy, debate’s relationship to rhetoric, Buddhist rhetoric, and the rhetoric of the Beat Generation writers.

Dr. Llano is a frequently requested media commentator on civic debate issues, including the United States Presidential debates, as well as issues facing competitive debate globally. His pieces can be read on his academic blog (www.progymnasmata.net) and seen in the top debate publications in the world such as the Monash Debate Review and Achte Minute. He has been invited to teach and lecture on rhetoric and debate in several countries including Hungary, Ukraine, and Japan. He also assisted in the founding of other debating societies such as the debate society at Adelphi University and The King’s College Debate Society, both in the New York City area.

Dr. Llano has served in national debate tournament administration on many levels, frequently assisting in the administration of large competitions, helping to determine appropriate debating topics and running the tabulation of the tournament. He is one of the most frequently requested Tabulation room directors in the United States.